Are within any signs i should look for? my guinea pig something like to make a contribution birth!?

ok, so my guinea pig is heavily pregnant. i just found out today that he is actualy a she (even after my dad sexed her to get sure she was a boy) and i also found that she is heavily pregnant. i don't know how to manipulate this, because she is due any day presently, could be tonight, could be on christmas, anywhere within a few days. are at hand any signs i should look for that she is about to distribute birth? right now she is lying within her pigloo with her legs streched out aft her... she hasn't been restless or anything but in a minute she is starting to look around some... any advice would be great! (btw the manly ((the real male)) is separated from her immediately that i know, i know he shouldn't be in near, since he hasn't been "fixed" however.)
Answers: leave the room it will not bequeath birth while you're watching it.
well,... if you basically flush the damn thing contained by a toilet you wont have to verbs about a darn entity :]

mmkthxbye !

there is no sure sign of her giving birth. Alot of guinea pigs build a kind of to the rear sneeze sound (sorry it's the solely way i can describe it!!) on the start of slog. If you run your index finger down her spine as you get to the bottom you may consistency her pelvis seperated about 1-2cm this happen when she is getting close to labour but can be upto a week formerly.
She will probably wait until the house is undisturbed like surrounded by the night or when nobody is at home back she gives birth, don't verbs guinea pigs handle giving birth terribly well and it can be adjectives over with in half a hour infact you may not even know as she will drink any afterbirth and the first thing you will know is when a row of piggies come folllowing her from her bed! hope this helps a short time and be patient and biddable luck.

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