I want to bring 2 pet mice i want to know freshly genneral info on them read details?

ok i want to get 2 pet mice and i obligation to know what i will need to properly bear care of them and an average price for what i will necessitate and i want to know the good and bleak parts of owning pet mice aka pros and cons thank you
Answers: I got two pet mice when I be in dignified school. The guy at the pet store said they be both females, but guess what? One of them wasn't.

The little couple bred rapidly, as did their babies, and their babies! I be building cages as efficient as I could, but it got raging. Some eventually escaped, and were living inside my dad's garage. Their descendants be still living free some years later, when my parents sold the house and moved away!

It be a great chance to remark genetics within action, though. Of the inventive two mice, one was white, the other black & white. All of their babies be brown, but the next generation produced mostly brown, but some white, a few black, and a couple which were brown & white. But I never saw another black & white mouse.

And I be able to deal in a lot of the babies put a bet on to the pet store, for something like ten cents respectively, which I then used to buy more mouse food! Not exactly a big profit making scheme, but it was fun for several years.

Anyway, to answer your press, keep them surrounded by a cage, not too small, next to an exercise wheel. Put shredded rag in the bottom of the coop, and change it day after day. Feed them mouse food from the pet store.

The mice were never "cuddly," though. They didn't close to being held or petted, and would pee on my foot, and some would try to bite me. If you're looking for unconditional love, a cat or dog would be better.

And if you end up beside a male and a womanly, be sure to buy some very tiny condoms!

Good luck!
when i be younger we had 4 pet mice...which next turned into 8 pet mice and we had to separate them becauze they be terrible to respectively other...and no matter how much we cleaned them they still smelled lately aweful...good luck near that

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