Cage frills for a rat?

what would i need to grasp for accessories and what kinda enclose should i get for 2 rats?
Answers: Disregard what Kimi said. Rats should NOT be kept within aquariums or anything remotely resembling them. Tanks have insufficient airing, which allows ammonium build-up from their urine, which in turn would head to the rats getting sick. Get a good wire-sided coop (might want to get one beside a solid - not wire! - metal bottom if your rats are in the need of chewing), and please note that the real MINIMUM for two rats is four cubic feet - two cubic foot of cage space per rat. The more room they hold, the happier they'll be.

As for the TYPE of cage, powerfully, that depends on whether your rats are male or womanly. Female rats need a elevated cage because they similar to to climb, and they also need a come to a point bar compute (1 cm at max) because they're small enough to squeeze out through anything too broad.

Male rats need like mad of floor space: height isn't reasonably as important next to them. As long as their cage is around a foot tall, and they own a few square feet of floor space, they're moderately happy beside the size. Please note that babies entail a fairly dense fishing rod gauge (1 cm) or they'll squeeze out.

Again, disregard Kimi. NEVER house rats on pine or cedar shavings, or on sawdust - these will organize to your rats getting sick for life and need trips to the vet AT LEAST every three months. Use aspen shavings, paper-based bedding or polar fleece strips - NOT the clay-based cat litter! It's too dusty.

As for accessories, here's what my girls like:

- Cardboard tubes: they enjoyed running through them, sleeping surrounded by them, and chewing them to shreds.

- Wooden chews from the pet shop: these were a big hit, at lowest to begin beside. If you get the ones beside holes in the middle you can stuff the hole near something yummy, which will encourage them to chew through the wood to grasp to the treat.

- A wheel. Be sure to take a solid one with no small (or big) gap for ratty feet or tail to get caught within. A big plastic one with solitary one open side would be best, but please file that the wheel have to have a minimum diametre of 35 - 40 cm. Anything smaller is too small.

- a wet bottle: one of the smaller rabbit bottles would be good. Remember to verbs it out after every use.
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