Advice for my bunny,is he lonely?

my bunny seems glowing, he used to have 2 guineapig friends that he would spend the light of day with one of them on the prairie during the day but not at hours of darkness because he is a big bunny and we didnt want him 2 hurt them by accident.
when i jump to put him away in his coop he gives me this look as if to right to be heard,"your leaving me again",

i be wondering if i should consisder getting him another buddy,also,guineapig or bunny?
we tried mating him near our neighbors bunny so he could have a companion,but she throb him up real desperate and pulled out heaps of his fur and now i own a scar from rescuing him from her round up and her biting me.
so he is a friendly bunny,he didnt fight put money on at all only just kept running.he has also never bitten me,but he is completely attchedto me,i am the only one he let pick him up, and once when my mum cleaned his cage he get quite upset and almost bit her because i conjecture he was you think he wants or would do well next to a friend?
Answers: an animal could always use a friend. you should contact a local bunnt rescue surrounded by your are because they will have you bring your bunny over to see if he get along with one of their bunnies. rescues also fix their bunnies earlier adopting them out and that scheme no extra bunnies. please dont breed yours when there are sooo heaps for adoption. bunnies are trippy, just because you take a female doen't necessarily have it in mind that they will get along, that is to say why it is good to achieve one from a rescue, you can try a few. if they fight when they congregate, chances are they will never work. if they check respectively other out or ignore respectively other at first, you probably have a devout match.
another bun?

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