Can 2 cavies from impossible to tell apart litter breed?

well i hold finally found the right stir with valid pics of female and masculine cavies. thanx to sylvia. well my untried q is would they be able to breed? and if they did would within be anything wrong with the babies. i am not too concerned something like breeding yet as they are both justly young.. i own already made an appt for friday so i plan on asking the vet.but just wondering.
Answers: I hold a freind who had an fluky breeding between brother and sister brittanies...3 of the pups were born near their feet on upside down..In the stop, all the pups have to be put down for one reason or another except for one that died of a paroxysm when he was 4 months behind the times.
I would not breed them unless they were impeccable examples of the breed. Do not breed pet quality dogs (dogs you compensated less than a couple of thousand for). & don't be a BACK YARD BREEDER.

The inheritance on pet quality dogs are already messed up & by breeding two pet talent pets you screw with inheritance you know nothing something like. Causing a variety of fault.

No you cannot breed brother & sister. That would most certainly produce adjectives kinds of fault & predispositions for all kind of problems. Health, structure, temperament & many others.

Your best bet is to hold them spayed & neutered.
it is without blemish possible for a brother and sister, son and mum, dad and daughter + (any other family mix you can surmise of) to breed - BUT, is is USUALLY VERY BAD for the young as it narrow the gene pool and you are more likely to collect doomed to failure traits as well as honourable ones in the young-looking e.g. dalmatians (i think) are more likely to be deaf than frequent other dog breeds because there gene pool be created from a select number of previous spotted dogs (members from the same inherited who happened to be spotted - but also happen to have problems next to there audible range - so the young are more promising to have problems near hearing)

hope i explained it well plenty, hope i helped.
No, it is gross, wrong, and discusting, Cavies are close to dogs, they will try to breed but sepereate them before she get preggy

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