Attn Spazrats...Rat infection?

My black & white male rat have been awfully lethargic lately. He have been ingestion & drinking very little, and he seem thin & boney. He seem kind of 'squishy' when I pick him up. I hold him, & he'll freshly lay there for hours. It seem like he can't smell anything any. I put food near his trunk & he won't sniff it. His paws are really cold [i don't know if they're other like that]. There's also some sort of brownish-red discharge coming from his eyes.

can you speak about me what this is, or what i can do to help him? i dont expect my parents want to bring him to the vet either... :[

this is urgent! thankfulness!
Answers: Your boy is very off-colour, and needs prompt vet attention. His symptoms nouns like dehydration. Some of the symptoms of dehydration include headache, muscle aches/weakness, sloth, a dull glazed look to the eyes, and extreme delerium and confusion. All of which would explain his inability to recognize you and his surroundings.

Getting him to drink hose down may not enough at this point. The dehydration be due to another illness, of which, one and only a vet can diagnose. Dehydration means that the body does not own enough fluids as it should, and accordingly an imbalance of body salt. He's too weak to drink on his own. Because he also refuse to eat, he could also be suffering from low blood sugar.

Rats are more susceptible to dehydration and low blood sugar because of their smaller body weights, greater metabolism, and higher turnover of hose and electrolytes. Elderly rats and those with illnesses are also at greater risk.

Dehydration is classified as mild, moderate, or severe based on how much of the body's fluid is lost or not replenished. When severe, dehydration is a life-threatening emergency. I believe your boy is at this stage.

Sadly, a self preservation instinct allows rats to be sick for a long time, until the illness overtakes them and they can no longer hold within the symptoms/how miserable they have be feeling. So, please do not rhythm yourself up if you never saw this coming. Rats crash very speedily once symptoms appear.

If a vet can give him subq fluids within time, there is a haphazard that your boy will recover from the dehydration ample to take medication that the vet will prescribe.

If you cannot get him to a vet, after try watermelon (from the grocery store) and glucose and Boost (from the drug store). If he refuses these as capably, then you will hold to consider that your boy is dying, and just hold on to comfortable until he passes. As concrete as it may be, most single rats get comfort from staying beside their care-giver until such time.

I am sorry I cannot offer much more :(

"my natural life has gone to the Rats"

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